Peer Review

All manuscripts submitted will undergo an open peer review process in order to ensure qualitative scientific research. The author's identity will not be disclosed through the review system, although reviewers can find out who the authors are through the public journal page. In order to ensure an honest evaluation of manuscripts, the reviewers remain anonymous.

The main evaluation criteria are scientific rigour, originality and potential interest for public review. If a manuscript is accepted, the editorial staff reserves the right to require changes in both form and content, when deemed necessary. 

The manuscripts will first undergo editorial review before becoming available in the review system and gaining “forthcoming” status. At this point the articles will also be visible on the public journal page.

We aim for each article to be peer-reviewed by at least two scholars, highly-qualified in the field covered by the paper, in accordance with their expertise and their professional experience. The reviews will be available publicly together with the content of the article on the public journal page. The author will be allowed to make improvements to the article, based on reviews received, while it is in “forthcoming” state.

After being reviewed by two scholars or more and, if necessary, modified by the author, the editors can decide to change the article status from “forthcoming” to “published”. At the end of the “forthcoming” phase, the author should give an explicit statement of the final version acceptance before the article status is changed to “published”.

An article will only receive its page numbers and identifiers once it reaches “published” status. As a result, articles cited while “forthcoming” should include a note about this in the citation.