Submission Guidelines

Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the Submission Guidelines carefully, as well as the Open Access Policy, Peer Review information, the Terms & Conditions, and our statement on Ethics & Malpractices.

Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process. Submissions by email will NOT be considered. All manuscripts must be submitted through the journal website.


General considerations

The Romanian Journal of Technology, Economics and Creativity publishes peer-reviewed empirical, theoretical and methodological articles on various subjects regarding technology and economics, as well as a variety of frontier research areas involving the creative application of technology in our ever-changing world.

The editorial staff takes no responsibility for unsolicited materials which are not research papers or are not part of the manuscripts received.

RJTEC invites the authors to submit manuscripts to the editorial office. The articles must meet a set of rules of editing and writing specified below. The manuscripts should be original contributions which were not previously published or have been under consideration for publication in any other journal or edited collection. Papers should be clear and grammatically correct.


Manuscript formatting

Research articles should be written in English. Article manuscripts should have no more than 5000 words, including notes, bibliography or annexes.

The article manuscripts should include an abstract of maximum 150 words and about 5 keywords, both in English and placed before the introduction of the paper. The abstract is supposed to refer to the aim of the paper, methodology, findings or main conclusions, and will be rendered in italics, justified, single-spaced, font 12.

The articles format will adhere to 1.5 paragraph spacing, Times New Roman, font size 12, justify. If an article contains graphs, tables or images, they will be sent in .jpg format along with the manuscripts.

Manuscripts will be submitted ONLY through the journal website. Manuscripts must contain contact details, including an e-mail address and will also be accompanied by a three to four line biographical sketch which may include author’s current affiliation, degree held, research interests or previous publishing activity.

Data about the author will be listed on the front page of the manuscript.

The body of the manuscript will begin with the second page. The title should be centered, using bold capitals, font 16. Headings should be aligned left, with the same indent as the body of the paper, using font 12, bold capitals. Headings must not be numbered.

Graphics, images or tables within the manuscript must be accompanied by a heading above them and be numbered in Arabic numerals. Source information will be mentioned centered, below the figure.

To highlight content use italics or bold only. Words in another language than the manuscript will be highlighted using italics. Pages should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals in the footer.

The references, which include only endnotes and bibliography, should use the APA reference system. Any other styles are not accepted. For further details please follow the instructions on how to edit notes and bibliography.


Reference guide

Manuscripts should include endnotes only. Endnotes should be edited using Times New Roman, font size 10, justify, single-spaced.

The bibliography must be edited at the end of the manuscript in alphabetical order of the author’s name and title work, using Times New Roman, font size 12, justify, single-spaced, special indentation hanging 0.5''.

For further information and questions please contact the editorial office by e-mail to